For the Love of the Wake

We believe in helping brands show up differently. To us, this means helping them to recognize their ownable point of view that is both meaningful and shared amongst their most loyal audience. Given our aspirations, you could imagine the excitement we had to help bring this sentiment to life with Supra Boats.

Our challenge: Evolve Supra’s previous message, Where Passion Meets Precision, with a brand message that connects to the emotion found in riding that is shared amongst their core audience—an older and more experienced group—leaving them with the feeling that Supra gets it.

To do this, we turned Supra’s focus back towards its loyalists and created a message that celebrated a universal truth shared amongst riders of this community: the stoke for sharing the love of riding the wake with the next generation.

person wake boarding behind a supra boat
person wake boarding behind a supra boat


Building on this insight, we aimed to reinforce the idea that their tow boat is a vehicle to achieve some of life’s most cherished moments. To them, watching their child get up on the wake is just as meaningful as watching them take their first steps or teaching them to ride their first bike. We honed in on this very human truth to create the line, Legacies Are Built On Passion.

guy swimming with his daughter next to a supra boat
guy swimming with his daughter next to a supra boat

The cornerstone of this campaign featured a new brand video. Conceptually, we called upon the memories of a childhood on the water from a father’s perspective—from the first time he towed his son behind the family boat to watching his son grow and challenge the wake. Each shot rich with emotion and intentionally paired with the familiar sounds found in every moment.


The work reflected Supra’s emotional connection to their passionate community. With the connection strengthened, we continued the conversation with tools and messaging to influence consideration and purchase.

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